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  • Ah Gutenberg

    Ah Gutenberg

    This could change everything. Or nothing. me Table or column. Column or table You decide. Table for now.

  • Welcome to Here

    Here is the blog that we all hoped for. In it we shall talk about WordPress.

  • Sent From My iPad

    Blogging from the tablet world. I’ll check out how the backend is on the smaller touch screen.

  • Weptile Image Slider Widget

    Weptile Image Slider Widget is a nice little slider for widget areas. I wanted something quick and simple for adding a little color to the sidebar. This slider has a number of transitions to choose from. You can set the image size and some other things. Oh, and it’s responsive! You can do all this…

  • Display Widgets

    Display Widgets is a very cool plug in. It will let you choose which pages or posts for any (most) given widget to appear on. I think this should be a default WordPress function. I am used to this kind of control using Joomla and find it indispensable.